Barbra Streisand releases beautiful new duet with Willie Nelson as she announces a new album

Publish Date
Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 1:58AM

Barbra Streisand is back with new music!

Over the weekend, the legendary singer released the first single from her upcoming 10-track album Release Me 2 featuring none other than Willie Nelson.

The track, titled 'I'd Want It to Be You' was initially recorded for her 2014 album Partners, however, the duet didn’t make the final cut as it was still a work-in-progress when it came time to release the album.

Along with 'I'd Want It to Be You', Release Me 2 will feature Streisand and Kermit the Frog singing 'Rainbow Connection' (originally intended for her 1979 album Wet), a version of 'If Only You Were Mine' with Barry Gibb (a possible bonus cut for 2005’s Guilty Pleasure), an interpretation of Carole King's 'You Light Up My Life' (recorded for 1974’s Butterfly), and a version of Randy Newman's 'Living Without You' (one of four Newman songs originally recorded for 1971’s Stoney End).

Release Me 2 is out August 6.