Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son accidently backs Lamborghini into parked BMW at car dealership

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 June 2022, 1:51PM

We all remember the first time we got into a fender bender ...

For Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son Samuel, it happened on Sunday in a car worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

The preteen was at a luxury car rental dealership with his father and Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles when he was given permission to get in the driver’s seat of a yellow Lamborghini SUV, which starts at $230,000 - with the engine running.

He then accidentally put the car in reverse, promptly backing into the parked white BMW.

Neither the Lamborghini nor the BMW retained damage and "everyone is fine," a spokesperson for Affleck told TMZ.

The Oscar winner shares his son as well as daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

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