Bradley Walsh is starting a brand TV show and here's how you could be apart of it!

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Thursday, 1 November 2018, 2:51PM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Bradley Walsh has a very impressive back catalogue, with a couple of award-winning TV shows, a successful music career, and a professional football stint it seems like there is nothing that this man can't do.

On top of his current TV projects, them being Dr. Who and The Chase, Bradley is starting another one and needs your help.

Instead of posting his usual 'Bradder's Banger' video that he shares daily, he posted a picture asking for characters for the show.


Neither ITV nor Hungry Bear Media have made any sort of announcement about the new project, but Bradley's post said it all. 

It read "We are looking for fun, confident big characters and groups of friends and families to come and take part in a brand new entertainment chat show pilot for ITV.

"If you are up for getting involved in our studio games and challenges alongside our brilliant celebrity guests - get in touch!"

So if you, or if you know of anyone that would head over to the UK to appear alongside Bradley Walsh in a TV show, make sure you send in your interest.

You may just end up like one of these lucky people:


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