Clarke Gayford shows off the "creepy" homemade doll daughter Neve was gifted

Publish Date
Tuesday, 31 August 2021, 11:56AM

New Zealand's first bloke Clarke Gayford had fans giggling overnight after he showed off the homemade doll his daughter Neve was gifted by a lovely Kiwi.

Taking to social media, Gayford showcased the masterpiece from Cleos Poppies, which is a doll-like creation of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wearing a red dress and sporting long dark hair.

However, while many describe the doll as cute and adorable, the three-year-old called her wonderful new toy "Creepy Mummy".

"Well hi everyone, welcome to Monday. Who doesn't want a 30-second distraction to try and help get them through the start of the week? Gayford told his followers.

"So I give you this. We get given all sorts of wonderful hand-made arts and crafts here and when I say we - Neve.

"And there's some real talent in this country, some incredible talent, and she's a very lucky 3-year-old.

Gayford said the doll, which arrived without any details attached, was totally loved by Neve.

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"Some of the things make their way into our home and into our 3-year-old's heart," he explained.

"Including this wonderful dolly, which Neve has even given a name.

"She calls this dolly 'Creepy Mummy' and 'Creepy Mummy' would just like to say: 'Hang in there. You got this. Even though it's Monday.'"

Too funny!