Coronavirus: New Zealand to move into the new traffic light system on Thursday 2 December

Publish Date
Monday, 22 November 2021, 4:11PM

The Prime Minister has revealed New Zealand will move to the new traffic light system at 11.59 on Thursday 2 December.

Until then, Auckland will remain at alert level 3.2, however, hairdressers and barbers be will be allowed to open from Thursday 25 November as part of a vaccine passport trial.

Hairdressers and barbers will only be allowed to take bookings - no walk-ins. All staff must be double vaccinated and only vaccinated customers were allowed. Masks and safety precautions have to be taken.

More details on the traffic light system will be released later this week.

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Once in the traffic light system, lockdowns, if they happen at all, are expected to be rare and more localised.

All businesses, including cafes and restaurants, will be able to open again once in the traffic light system.

New Zealand has had 9,811 confirmed cases since the pandemic began last year and 40 deaths.

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