Ed Sheeran reveals he and Elton John are releasing three songs together

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 10:02AM

Ed Sheeran has revealed he's recorded new music with his pal Sir Elton John!

Speaking on The Official Big Top 40, the 30-year-old admitted the pair have recorded three songs together - and one of them is going to be released very soon!

"I speak to him pretty much every single day," Ed said.

"Just one day he was like 'we should do a song.'"

"I went round his house and we wrote three songs and one of them is out of this world. It will be out after my album's out."

The British singer-songwriter is releasing his new album = (Equals) on October 29, so fans don't have long to wait!

The two musicians have been friends for years - with Sheeran signed to Elton's management company, Rocket.

In 2017, Elton told Rolling Stone that the young musician reminded him of himself in the early stages of his career.

"He's always doing something, whether he's writing his own stuff or he's writing with other people. And that's how I remember myself being in 1970 when I first came to America.

"It was just all systems go. Nothing was impossible."