How Pippa Wetzell feels about her new 'Fair Go' co-host

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Monday, 21 November 2016, 1:18PM

Pippa Wetzell says the new man in her life is making her feel "very relaxed" and "quite safe".

The Fair Go star discusses her new co-presenter on the consumer affairs show, Hadyn Jones, for the first time in the latest edition of Woman's Weekly.

Hadyn Jones is co-hosting Fair Go alongside Pippa Wetzell.

"It's been lovely actually," Wetzell says. "Hadyn's such a great fit for the programme and I feel very relaxed with him, and also quite safe ... It's good when you're presenting with someone else to know they've got your back."

The pair have been hosting the show for four weeks together, but Jones tells Woman's Weekly he's still struggling to adapt to having a new work wife.

"When you're co-presenting, you have to stand quite close together - like, awkwardly close - and my boss did say, 'Hadyn, you're not used to having an on-screen wife, are you?'

"But already it feels a lot less awkward."

Jones replaces Gordon Harcourt, who left after eight years fronting Fair Go, saying he'd had enough of being in the media.

"I wanted to leave TV before TV left me," he said.

Jones is commuting to Auckland from his base in New Plymouth to host the show.


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