Helen Mirren calls on schools to make gardening part of the curriculum

Publish Date
Saturday, 11 April 2020, 12:38PM

Dame Helen Mirren believes gardening should be taught in schools - and we couldn't agree more.

Opening up about her long-standing passion for gardening, the Queen actress thinks young people should be shown it as part of the curriculum, as being outside is "so calming."

Speaking to Yours magazine, she shared: "I love to spend time in my garden. If I have a few free hours I love to dig around in the dirt.

"It's so calming, worthwhile and a really good way of keeping those dark dragons away which I do have at times. Gardens and green spaces are vital for people and the planet.

"Not enough young people garden or even know how to. They should teach it in schools. It's such a positive thing to do and very useful.

"Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That's part of the fun of it. You are always learning."

The 74-year-old actress also revealed she is a pomegranate farmer and harvests the fruits at her farm in Salento, Italy.

She explained: "Apart from acting, my other job is that of a pomegranate farmer. My husband I have planted over 400 pomegranate trees and we're producing juice for the market.

"Our little company is still in the early stages but we want to sell our juice in Italy and abroad."