How you can get paid $37,000 a year to live in Windsor Castle

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 October 2020, 12:47PM

If you're a royal fan and a clean freak, then the perfect job has just opened up.

The Queen is looking for an apprentice cleaner for Windsor Castle to live at the royal residence, reports the Sun.

The advert explains that you don't need qualifications or experience, as the Queen's household team are looking for "a willingness to tackle new challenges" and "a commitment to learning new skills".

The housekeeping apprenticeship also offers a 13-month learning programme and on the job training alongside a mentor ahead of joining the permanent team delivering "exceptional standards".

It will be based at Windsor Castle, which has around 1000 rooms and covers 44,965sq m or at Buckingham Palace, the Queen's London home.

And the lucky housekeeper will be able to travel to other royal residences for three months out of the year.

If you decide to live permanently at the royal home where you're based, then your meals will be provided and your travel expenses paid for, though your salary will be adjusted to reflect that.

The ad says you'll be required to "manage the upkeep, clean and care" of luxurious interiors and priceless household items, keeping them "presented to their very best".

And it went on to say that: "You'll gain specialist technical skills that will form the foundations of your housekeeping career, as well as providing you with an understanding of the wider hospitality profession.

"Above all, you'll be keen to take every opportunity to gain experience and build on your learning to become a housekeeping expert."

As with all her staff, the Queen is looking for someone who's organised, detail oriented, has good time management, is able to meet deadlines and of course enjoys working with others.

The successful applicant will be paid a salary of £19,140 a year ($37,563), and get 33 days of holiday per year.

This article was originally published by NZ Herald and reproduced here with permission.