Katie Holmes shares rare photo of Suri Cruise in celebration of her 15th birthday

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Thursday, 22 April 2021, 9:24AM

Can you believe Suri Cruise is now 15 years old?!

Yep, they really do grow up so fast.

While the teen doesn't regularly occupy the spotlight, her mum Katie Holmes shared a rare photo of Suri in celebration of her birthday this week.

Since Holmes split with her husband, Tom Cruise, she has not posted too many photos of their daughter on social media and has largely aimed to keep her out of the press.

But taking to Instagram for her daughter's special day, the 42-year-old shared a set of rare black-and-white photos of the birthday girl.

"Happy 15th Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!!!!!!!!" Holmes wrote in the post's caption.

"I can't believe you are already 15!"

Katie Holmes shared this sweet mother-daughter moment to mark Suri Cruise's 15th birthday. Photo b/ Katie Holmes, Instagram

In some of the photos, Suri can be seen cuddling the Dawson's Creek star.

Suri is said to look just like her famous mum, and as she grows up, we can definitely see the resemblance. 

Happy birthday, Suri!