Queenstown family hilariously recreates iconic Queen album cover to beat lockdown blues

Publish Date
Monday, 30 August 2021, 5:52AM

All they really want to do is break free ... But the current Covid-19 alert level restrictions will not let them.

So Roger Norton, wife Gillian Macleod and their children Jonty and Myfanwy decided to re-enact one of their favourite album covers instead.

Macleod said they chose the Queen II album cover because the family is from Queenstown.

Photo / Jonty Norton

"We're having a daily photo competition amongst our extended family, who live in Australia and Auckland and Queenstown.

"Everyone loves a bit of humour — especially if it's humour at other people's expense. It's schadenfreude."

She continued: "The competition closes about 9pm every day, and at about 8.30pm we were scrambling around saying, 'What should we do?"'

It was Jonty who came up with the solution — Queen.

"We just moved all the furniture, got the wigs out and in about 10 minutes, we had re-enacted the Queen II cover," she said.