Robbie Williams' daughter plays adorable April Fools prank on the singer

Publish Date
Friday, 3 April 2020, 11:15AM

Earlier this week Robbie Williams was reunited with his children after spending three weeks away from his family self-isolating ...

However, we have a feeling he's probably now wishing his reunion had taken place after April Fools.

Taking to social media, the 'Angels' hitmaker's wife Ayda Field shared an adorable video of their eldest daughter, seven-year-old Teddy, playing a cheeky prank on her dad.

In the hilarious clip, Teddy can be seen approaching her dad as he sits at a table, to offer him a bite of her snack.

As soon as Robbie takes a bite, Teddy can be heard exclaiming: "There's toothpaste in there!"

Which prompts Robbie to screw up his face as his daughter shrieks in delight.

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As the rest of the family laugh along with the prank, Ayda calls out: "April Fools!"

Alongside the post, Ayda - who welcomed her fourth child with Robbie on Valentine's Day - wrote: "@robbiewilliams Gotcha! #aprilfools #jokesondaddy #toothpastedelight #freshbreath AWxx."

Poor Robbie!