Robert Irwin has narrowly avoided python bite during a snake rescue mission

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Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 9:14AM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Robert Irwin over the weekend shared a video of him almost getting bit in the face by a carpet python as he tried to relocate it off the road.

Crouching down on the side of the road, Robert attempted to move the snake which at one point wrapped its body completely around his arm, "I've lost complete blood flow to my hand, it's completely blue”.

"Gee, that gets the heart rate up - he missed me by that much," he said after the snake tried to strike him.

"He's grumpy... he's really keen on biting me... what a gorgeous snake, he's big, he's not venomous but... they're designed to constrict."

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"He's got a good grip there, I've lost complete blood flow to my hand, it's completely blue... and I have no feeling left in my hand," he added.

He eventually managed to rescue the snake and relocated it off the road to a safe spot in the bush the next day.

Robert captioned his video, "Near miss! Definitely had a good laugh with this grumpy carpet python - but great to get him rescued off the road and relocated to a much safer spot!"

People took to the comments to share their shock over the python and how close it got to Robert, with one commenting, "This is precarious yet hiss-terical !😂 all at the same time. Thank you for helping snakey dude slither to safety!"

While another commented, "Holy crap. I actually thought I was watching Steve for a second and it took me back a moment. He’s very much still alive in his family. No doubt about that." 

A third user added that it "Breaks my heart that Steve has missed seeing how his son turned out. He and Robert would have made a fabulous team"

Robert Irwin wasn't even three years old when his father was killed at the age of 44 by a stingray. Photo / Instagram

Robert and his sister Bindi, who were just two and eight years old respectively when their famous father died, have worked tirelessly alongside their mother Terri to honour their father's wildlife warrior legacy.

Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006, after being struck by a deadly stingray barb while filming for one of his many TV shows off Port Douglas in North Queensland, and left a family, a nation, and the world in shock. He was 44.

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