Rod Stewart reveals the bizarre ingredient he uses to create his iconic spiky hairstyle

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 April 2021, 9:43AM

He's one of the biggest names in music history ... and has equally as big hair.

But now Sir Rod Stewart has revealed the bizarre secret ingredient he used to create his iconic spiky hairstyle - and it is none other than mayonnaise!

The rock legend reportedly rubs the oily condiment into his tresses with a towel to keep them strong and healthy.

And according to tour manager Elliot Saltzman, the 76-year-old is so fond of the unusual beauty hack that he even recommended it to Small Faces late frontman Steve Marriott.

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Explaining the method, Saltzman said: "[It] was created by putting mayonnaise on his hair and rubbing a towel on his head really fast. And he said he got this from Rod Stewart."

However, despite the low cost of the rocker's homemade hair treatment, he still reportedly spends up to £6,000 a year on his "brilliant" hair.

Experts have since weighed in on the benefits of using mayonnaise as a hair mask, claiming it "contains proteins that will make hair strong and prevent it from breaking."

Who knew?!