Simon Cowell teams up with The Wiggles for hilarious Uber Eats ad

Publish Date
Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 6:16AM

Allow us to introduce you to the 'Grey Wiggle' ... AKA Simon Cowell!

Uber Eats has unveiled its new television commercial and the music mogul has joined forces with none other than The Wiggles for the hilarious ad.

The 61-year-old record executive - who is known for his tough nature as a judge on talent shows - plays up his "grey" persona while promoting the food delivery app.

One of the 30-second ads features The Wiggles singing about what they will be eating for dinner, only to be interrupted by an irate Cowell, stating that he has already had dinner.

There are five advertisements in total, each with Cowell's dry wit stealing the show.

Uber Eats has attracted plenty of big names to take part in their 'Tonight I'll Be Eating' advertising campaign over the years.

Local stars and Hollywood celebs including Sacha Baron Cohen, Kim Kardashian and Sharon Strezlecki (Magda Szubanksi) have all made appearances in the series of ads.