The final instalment of Planet Earth is almost here

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Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 1:56PM

Sir David Attenborough will once again be presenting the much-loved BBC series Planet Earth when it returns to our screens later this month, 17 years after the first instalment.

The final part of the trilogy comes after he first narrated the show in 2006, followed by its sequel in 2016. The new series is said to be five years in the making, having been commissioned in 2019 but delayed due to the pandemic. 

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Watch the trailer above!

The series description reads, "Join Sir David Attenborough on a journey through the ever-changing habitats of our world. This is our Home. This is our Future. This is #PlanetEarth3."

Each episode will be 60 minutes and will once again showcase the behaviour of animals across the globe.


Episode One: Coasts - Where land and sea collide, this dynamic habitat houses some of the planet’s most surprising stories.

Episode Two: Ocean - The largest habitat of all, the open ocean is the ultimate realm of new discovery, housing countless secrets that we are continuing to unlock.

Episode Three: Deserts & Grasslands - Conditions in the vast wilderness can change in an instant. To be successful, you need to be able to adapt – quickly.

Episode Four: Freshwater - Housing one-tenth of all species on the planet, freshwater is a rich and diverse habitat filled with never-ending surprises.

Episode Five: Forests - Journey to these secret worlds where lives are entwined in the most unexpected of ways.

Episode Six: Extremes - Uncover stories where life exists on a knife edge amongst Earth’s greatest natural wonders.

Episode Seven: Humans - Altering 80% of the land’s surface, there are now over 8 billion people on the planet. They must share this space with a myriad of species.

Episode Eight: Heroes - We meet some incredible conservation champions on nature’s front line, fighting to preserve the future of our beautiful planet.

Commenting on David's involvement in the series, executive producer Mike Gunton told the Mirror: “Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David, so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series.

“As ever, he has brought his huge enthusiasm and wisdom, has been encouraging about our new perspective and has, I know, really enjoyed seeing the extraordinary new wonders brought to the screen.”

He continued: “The opening of the series with David was filmed in the beautiful British countryside in exactly the location where Charles Darwin used to walk whilst thinking over his Earth-shaking ideas about evolution.

“It seemed the perfect place for David to introduce Planet Earth III and remind us of both the wonders and the fragility of our planet.”

We'll be able to watch on TVNZ+ once it is released. We can't wait!

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