The Killers perform sensational live cover of Icehouse's 'Electric Blue'

Publish Date
Friday, 27 November 2020, 3:56PM

Las Vegas rockers The Killers have just put their signature spin on Icehouse's 1987 hit 'Electric Blue' ... and it is sensational!

Performing virtually for Australian radio Triple M’s "Garage Session," the band perfectly captured the energy of the original while still making it their own.

And even Icehouse's lead singer, Iva Davies, was amazed, calling their performance "the most impressive" cover he'd seen.

Ahead of their rendition, Brandon Flowers - who's the band's lead singer and keyboardist - revealed they had always wanted to cover the Aussie band's hit track.

"I love 'Electric Blue', I love a lot of their songs," Flowers said of the group.

"There's been so much great music from Australia but Icehouse is the one we haven't done yet but we should."

And we're glad they did!