The search is on for New Zealand's first Milkybar Kid-ult

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Friday, 10 July 2020, 2:52PM

"The Milkybars are on me!"

Kiwis who dreamed of saying the well-known catchphrase in a Milkybar commercial can now make it a reality as Nestle is on the hunt for New Zealand's first Milkybar Kid-ult.

Applications for the dream job have open today, with the chocolate brand looking for grown-ups that are "still big kids at heart" — and the "ultimate Milkybar fan, of course."

"The successful applicant will be crowned the Milkybar Kid-ult and will enjoy a unique range of responsibilities. These tasks include taste-testing new flavours and having the opportunity to feature in upcoming marketing campaigns," a Nestle spokesperson said.

"A custom-made uniform is being created for the Milkybar Kid-ult to wear, and they will also receive a free supply of Milkybar Whirl to share with friends and family, because after all, the Milkybars are on them!"

The successful applicant will have the following (fun) responsibilities:

• Taste test new Milkybar flavours while still in development phase.

• Be treated to a free supply of Milkybar Whirl to share with friends and family, because after all, the Milkybars are on you!

• Have the opportunity to feature in marketing campaigns, media interviews, take over the Milkybar social channels and receive a custom made Milkybar Kid-ult uniform.

• Receive an hourly rate for all work undertaken.

• Loves white and milk chocolate.

• Feels forever young.

• Doesn't take themselves (or life) too seriously.

• Must be aged 18+

Keen Milkybar Kid-ult's need to make a 30-second audition video to demonstrate how perfect they are for the job.

Even one of the original Milkybar kids from the UK, Antony Eden, sent in an application video (above) to show others how it's done.

The hunt for the Kid-ult is to celebrate the launch of Milkybar Whirl – "the deliciously creamy white chocolate we love with a swirl of smooth milk chocolate".

Nestle also listed a bunch of quirky "experience" and "qualifications" the applicant needs:

Nestlé Head of Marketing Fraser Shrimpton said they wanted to give Kiwis the chance to relive the nostalgic Milkybar kid memories that so many grew up with.

"We know Kiwis of a certain age fondly remember the Milkybar Kid, so we're excited that Milkybar Whirl is giving New Zealanders the opportunity to live out their childhood dreams. We're looking for an ultimate Kid-ult, someone who's still a kid at heart!

"Whether it's through applying for this role or enjoying the new Milkybar Whirl, we want to show Kiwis that you're never too old to enjoy an adult taste of our childhood."

Our own Jason Tikao has seems to think he may be in with a shot! You can listen to his audio piece above. 

This article was originally published at NZ Herald and reproduced here with permission. (extra's from Coast)