The Topp Twins new book 'Untouchable Girls' reveals untold life stories

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 11:44AM

 Beloved Kiwi entertainers Lynda and Jools Topp have just released their book 'Untouchable Girls', all about their incredible lives, full of never-before-told stories and images. Toni, Jase & Sam caught up with them to hear how this all came about. 

Jools: "Well, it was great that we had COVID and cancer because if we were still performing we would never have had time to write a book."

Lynda: "We were trying to figure out, you know, can we write a book we've never written a book, you know, we've never written anything down...  We sometimes will scribble out some lyrics and then we'll sing it once, then we throw those pieces of paper away."

Toni asked how they decided what to write about and what to leave out, "I remember when I wrote my book, you write sort of your life events, and then there are things that are a little bit sticky to write about... What was it for you?"

Lynda: "For Jools, it was her crime, drug-fueled days."

Jools: "And I felt like I was just a young kid experimenting with life. I had no idea that anything was terribly wrong."

Lynda: "Jools had come in and she was a bit off her face, and I realised something she'd ordered a corn on the cob - because we were the first takeaway bar to have a microwave in Huntley, very flash."

"And I said to her, you know, corn on the cob? And she thought I'd said 'the cops', so she scaled the takeaway bar, ran out the back, put both feet in a bucket of water and a mop that I'd been mopping the floor at the back, both feet, flipped over the water, went everywhere and some pills came flying out her pockets."

Jools: "And the two guys who ran the takeaway Clockwork Orange bar were ex-cops so they just said, 'Hey, we need to help that kid'. So they did."

Listen to the full interview above, or you can watch it HERE.

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