TV weatherman left red-faced after insulting Rick Astley, without realising he was listening

Publish Date
Sunday, 27 September 2020, 7:30AM

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Matt Taylor has been left feeling somewhat embarrassed after admitting he "wasn't a Rick Astley fan" without realising the 80s icon could hear it all. 

The video footage shows Breakfast host Charlie Stayt ask Taylor about his taste in music and view on Rick Astley in an attempt to introduce the 'Never Gonna Give You Up' singer to the audience. 

"Matt, are you a Rick Astley fan?" Asked Stayt, but Matt's reply clearly wasn't the desired one. 

"Erm, not a massive one," as gasps could be heard in the studio.

Charlie joked: "Well, that was the wrong thing to say. He’s listening and he’s coming up in just a moment."

On the second attempt, Matt gave a far better reply saying "Love Rick Astley. The Best. Grew up with him."

The cameras then cut to Astley who is tuned in via video call, who is struggling to contain his laughter. 

Check out the video above. What a laugh!