Bernie reveals why she was kicked out of Brownies at a young age

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 5:11PM

For most young girls, Brownies was an opportunity to get out into the world, learn useful new skills, and meet other like-minded young people.

Unfortunately for Bernie, it was not any of these, but instead was traumatic, and has obviously left her with some emotional scars.

"Is it my fault that I wasn't into knitting and crocheting?" Bernie asks.

"I wanted to shoot some hoops, I wanted to use that gym equipment, I was a free spirit and wanted to get some air to my brain," she added.

Still unsure about why Bernie got kicked out, Jase asks her: "So why couldn't you, what happened?"

"Tawney Owl and Brown Owl took me outside and said 'Maybe Brownies isn't for you!'" Bernie replied.

"It was traumatising! I wasn't a bad kid, I wasn't naughty!" she added.


While Bernie is obviously still traumatised by the whole thing, Jase thought it was absolutely hilarious, and can you really blame him?

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