Bizarre Tomato Sauce Cake Recipe Goes Viral

Publish Date
Thursday, 1 September 2016, 2:03PM

There's a reason why ketchup is one of the world's favourite sauces: it goes with pretty much anything - including desserts!

A recipe for ketchup cake is being advertised on some Canadian Heinz bottles - and the strange-sounding bake has now gone viral.

Nearly 6,000 people have uploaded a photo of the back of a Heinz bottle that invites you to make the odd creation on Reddit.

Named 'The Great Canadian Ketchup Cake,' the bake is a bright red two-tier sponge sandwiched together with and covered in cream cheese icing.

It's a genuine Heinz-approved recipe from Kraft Canada, which makes baking products.

The social media frenzy last week prompted one man, Gregory Nuttle, the University of Nevada's director of graduate student services, to try out the recipe.

He filmed it step-by-step in three videos on YouTube.

His verdict? Surprisingly 'not bad' - apparently it tastes similar to a spiced carrot cake.

His friends, who were brave enough to try his creation, described it as "perfectly acceptable", "moist", and "sweet".

One friend said: "It is very similar to a carrot cake, with a finer crumb."


- Daily Mail