The Chase's Shaun Wallace shares his thoughts on Jase, Toni & Sam as "The Chasers"

Publish Date
Monday, 8 June 2020, 12:09PM

Think you've got what it takes to beat Jase, Toni & Sam as "The Chasers"?

Well, before we put you to the test, we brought in a professional to judge our Chasers walk-ins ...

Because if anyone knows how to do a walk-in, it's the one and only Dark Destroyer himself!

Who will be his top choice?

Jason Reeves AKA "The Dad."

• Toni Street's children take over homeschool assembly and mark her week as a teacher
• Joseph Parker challenges Jase, Toni & Sam to join him in recreating the 'Time Warp' dance

Toni Street AKA "The Prefect."

Or Sam Wallace AKA "The Battler."

Watch the video above to find out and make sure you're listening every weekday morning to take them on in the ultimate quiz to win yourself some Coast Cash!