Toni opens up about baby Lachie's dramatic first day of preschool

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 July 2020, 11:16AM

Last week, Toni shared an incredibly dramatic story about her son, Lachie's, first day of preschool. 

She was coming to visit him on his first day when she heard loud crying coming from inside the preschool gates.

When Toni entered she saw her son screaming while blood poured from his mouth. Not a great start to his first day.

It turns out, Lauchie had tripped on the jungle gym and bit his lip, a lot less dramatic than it previously seemed. 

After dusting him off and picking him up he was fine, but it certainly gave her a fright!

Sam attempted to empathise with Toni by sharing his own son's preschool experience, but it didn't sound as sympathetic as he had hoped ... 


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