A long weekend OE without ever leaving your bubble!

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 April 2020, 4:01PM

 Grab some wine and cheese and enjoy some of the most fascinating, immersive concerts, museum tours and other virtual experiences you can explore from the comfort of your own couch . 

⇒ Louvre, Paris:   Videos, exhibits and many works are available for viewing online.  https://www.louvre.fr/en
⇒ National Gallery of Art: Washington, D.C:  View online exhibits and more than 42,000 works. https://tinyurl.com/rgxosvx
⇒ British Museum: London:  Explore a stunning visual timeline of the world. https://tinyurl.com/nbcra24
⇒ Vancouver Symphony:  It recently streamed its final performance from their BeethovenFest, and it’s available for your viewing — and listening — pleasure any time. https://www.vancouversymphony.ca/vso-livestream
⇒ Royal Opera House: London:  The Royal Opera House’s YouTube channel has a selection of some of the top performances from famous operas and ballets, just a click away. https://www.youtube.com/user/royaloperahouse
⇒ Broadway shows:  You can stream many of them through Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and other streaming services. You can also check out BroadwayHD, which brings you the greatest from the Great White Way. https://www.broadwayhd.com/
⇒ The Sistine Chapel: Vatican City:  There are a lot of museum collections to explore on the Vatican’s virtual site, including an up-close tour the Sistine Chapel. https://tinyurl.com/h8utnsg
⇒ The San Diego Zoo:  Want to have something fun going on in the background while you’re working? Many zoos have live cams so you can check in on all the animals. https://animals.sandiegozoo.org/live-cams
⇒ The Social Distancing Festival:  Want more live streamed arts? A theater artist has created The Social Distancing Festival, which gathers live streams and videos of all different types of performances in one place, on one calendar. https://www.socialdistancingfestival.com/

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