Bizarre 'cheeseboard' goes viral

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Friday, 6 March 2015, 1:47PM

A restaurant diner who asked for cheese and biscuits to finish off her meal was handed a bowl of brie, cheddar and popular sweet biscuits.

Diane Murray, a National Health Service assistant director in the UK, was handed the unusual selection of biscuits to accompany the cheese at an as-yet-unnamed hotel restaurant.

Ms Murray and her step-daughter Steph Kerr took to Twitter to share news of the bizarre encounter, with the latter writing on the social media site.

Ms Murray also took to Twitter to share news of the unusual cheeseboard.

She accompanied the post with a photograph of the "cheeseboard", which revealed a few lumps of cheese in a white bowl surrounded by the popular sweet biscuits.

The tweet, which was accompanied by laughing emojis, has gone viral after being shared more than 9000 times and has received plenty of response online.

Ms Murray has so far remained tight-lipped about the name of the restaurant but it is hoped she will reveal the premises following donations to Comic Relief.

- NZ Herald

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