Do You Like to LIKE?

Publish Date
Thursday, 10 September 2015, 10:57AM


A quickie review of the various kinds of Facebook ‘likes’ …


✓ The Obligation Like – You ‘liked’ my baby/cat/dinner pic so I am returning the favor by liking yours.

✓ The Duty Like – Dutifully ‘liking’ everything your close friends and family post.

✓ The Tactical Like – You ‘like’ them because you want them to ‘like’ your stuff back.

✓ The Look at Me Like – You want to remind them of your existence.

✓ The Sympathy Like – A ‘like’ given out of kindness when someone posts a really bad selfie.

✓ The Try to Look Smart Like – ‘Liking’ a highbrow article without even reading it.

✓ The Try To Look Cool Like – ‘Liking’ a song someone is listening to in an attempt to look cool when really you have no idea what it is or who it’s by.

✓ The Support Like – You ‘like’ the Feline Fridge Magnets page without even looking at it because a friend asked you to.

✓ The No Hard Feelings Like – When you ‘like’ somebody’s status to show you have ended the drama after a previous Facebook debate.

✓ The Sheep Like – You ‘like’ it because 62 people who already ‘like’ it cannot be wrong.

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