How to celebrate Mum even though you can’t take her out for brunch…

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 May 2020, 4:26PM

Mother's Day is obviously going to be different this year but that doesn't mean it still can't be special ...

Stay connected:  This is the most important point. A phone call or video chat works, but a handwritten letter delivered to her is a more personal touch that she won’t forget. 

Gift ideas: Shopping instore for that special gift is not an option at the moment but you should be able to find an appropriate gift from your local supermarket. Or put together a slide show presentation of family pictures she can watch online. Include a little production; graphics, music and captions.

Activities:  While Mom might have to skip the hair salon for now, she can attend a virtual hair or fashion style appointment from home for beauty and style tips she can do herself.

If you live with her:  The best thing might be to give her the day off. Clean the house, do the laundry — make the day hers and do everything for her, including cooking a family dinner, having a game night or watching her favorite film.


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