Moment Hero Stranger Jumps Onto Railway Tracks To Save Labrador

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 May 2015, 3:08PM

This is the moment a dog-lover dramatically jumped onto railway tracks to save a Labrador after its owner dragged the pet on to the line as a train hurtled towards the station.

Mickey Parkes (pictured left, holding the dog) said he wrestled the dog away from the man after watching him jump down on to the tracks at Manchester Piccadilly station.

He then took the dog back on to the platform and handed it over to police, while the 47-year-old owner was bundled to the floor in front of shocked onlookers. 

The dog is now reportedly being cared for in a home.   

Mr Parkes said he is '100 per cent' a dog man as his mother and grandparents all owned dogs while he was growing up in Nottingham.

He said that after watching the man jump down on to the tracks, his instinct was to protect the animal, despite never having been involved in anything like this before.

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