No offense, just makes sense!

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Thursday, 23 April 2020, 2:59PM

ALTERNATIVES TO THE HANDSHAKE ... Turns out there are many more ways to say hi than elbow bumping!


⇒ Namaste:  the traditional Hindu greeting, means, “The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you” To do it, bow slightly, palms pressed together toward your chest, with your fingertips pointing up. 

⇒ Wai bow:  In Thailand, young people “wai” older people to show respect. Press your palms together near your chest, lower your head and raise your hands until your thumb touches your nose and your index finger touches your head. Bring your hands to your head while you bow.

⇒ Two claps:  Some Zimbabweans follow handshakes with two claps each. The first means “How are you?”, and the second means “I’m fine.” These days, they are said to be skipping the handshake part.

⇒ Hand over heart:  Popular in predominantly Muslim nations, it’s a respectful way to greet someone you’ve just met who isn’t accustomed to your touch. 

⇒ Sign language wave:  Bring one hand to the top of your forehead as though you’re about to salute, then flick your wrist away from your head like a small wave. 

Shake sign: It was a symbol of gratitude before surfer dudes adopted it. Make a fist, then extend your thumb and pinky finger. You can shake your hand back and forth, knuckles facing out, for emphasis.

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