Spamming the Spammers!

Publish Date
Thursday, 16 November 2017, 2:45PM

If you have an email account, someone, somewhere along the way, has tried to rip you off.  It could be a scam, a spam, a phish, or an Arabian prince trying to wire you money. 

While scammers usually give up pretty quickly if you don’t respond, if you’ve ever made the mistake of responding to a scammer’s email then you know how impossible it is to get rid of them once they smell money.

That’s why we need this: It is called  “Re:Scam”.  It is an artificial intelligence chatbot, and it is made to troll the scammers. 

It’s a super-sophisticated email program which ‘creates’ personalities and trolls the scammers…indefinitely. 

As the artificial intelligence chatbot gathers information with each email sent by the scammers, it learns more and more about each con and can provide intelligent responses to keep these scammers busy. 

And they don’t have a clue that they are emailing with a chatbot. 

How do you use Re:Scam? Simple.  When you receive an email from a spammer/scammer, just forward it to and they’ll handle the rest.



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