Starfish or Stargazer? What these sleeping positions reveal about your personality!

Publish Date
Thursday, 11 June 2020, 11:55AM

☞ Skydiver:  On stomach, head to one side and arms wrapped around pillow:  Playful, to the point, risk-taker – can also be anxious and crave control.

☞ Stargazer:  Arms behind head while lying on back:  Positive, helpful, easy-going, loyal.

☞ Starfish:  Sprawled out across bed, usually on back:  Eager to support friends, outgoing, but doesn’t want to be the center of attention. Natural leaders, people pleasers.

☞ Pillow-hugger:  Hands, feet, or both wrapped around a pillow:  Cares about personal relationships, more family-oriented than others.

☞ Fetus position:  More sensitive than others, but can exhibit a tougher exterior. Can come off as shy, but often more personable than others. 

☞ Stomach sleeper:  Bold personality, often very sociable. Doesn’t take criticism well, often doesn’t handle stressful situations well.

☞ Yearner:  Arms and legs stretched out:  Less gullible than most, but tends to take a long time to make up mind. Can also be more cynical. 

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