Disney-Pixar releases surprise Toy Story 4 teaser introducing TWO new characters!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 4:12PM

Yesterday we got our first glimpse at Disney-Pixar’s brand new Toy Story movie.

And now fans have been treated to a surprise second teaser!

The clip introduces two new characters Ducky – voiced by Keegan-Michael Key - and Bunny – voiced by Jordan Peele.

The fluffy carnival prize toys crack jokes and talk about how excited they are for Toy Story 4 to be released, along with trying out their best Buzz Lightyear impressions.

The first teaser trailer for the film also introduced a new character the franchise:  Fork, who claims that he is "not a toy".

Toy Story 4 is set to be released in June 2019 and we cannot wait to see what other sneak peeks Pixar will unveil before then.

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