Family accidentally orders $2,153 worth of toilet paper amid the Australian shortage

Publish Date
Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 1:55PM

An Australian family who attempted to order 48 rolls of toilet paper online instead ended up with 48 boxes - $2,153.78 worth of bathroom tissue.

Haidee Janetzki of Toowoomba said her family had been ordering toilet paper 48 rolls at a time from online company Who Gives a Crap, but she recently made an error while switching to a different variety of paper offered by the website.

"And when it asked for quantity, I put 48, thinking that would be a box of 48 rolls," Janetzki told 7News.

"Turned out it was 48 boxes. The courier man turned up at the door with two pallets of toilet paper instead of one box."

Janetzki said she checked her credit card statement and confirmed she had shelled out $2,153.78 plus shipping for the massive haul of paper.

She said the recent toilet paper shortages stemming from coronavirus concerns have simplified the process of getting rid of the rolls.

The family has started selling the toilet paper at a slight mark-up to support a school trip her daughter's class is planning.

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