Is this the noisiest neighbour that you have ever heard?

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Monday, 4 March 2019, 3:24PM

Last week JT decided to work from home before the show one morning, which suspiciously coincided with the Liverpool game - but who are we to question his decisions...

During his "work", JT was distracted by a bone-rattling noise that tore through his apartment from a nearby renovation site.

It was so overpowering that he even managed to make a recording of it - of which he played during the show.

This got the two talking, what is the worst case of a noisy neighbour have you experienced?

The texts started flooding in almost instantly, with listeners talking about their obnoxious neighbours that have absolutely no regard for their surroundings.


"I'm probably that person that people don't want to live next to because I've got three boys, or I'm trying to get the dog to stop attacking the hedgehog, and I'm also the person who gave my son a trumpet to learn!" Mel said.

One of the texts that came through encapsulating the New Zealand way-of-thinking perfectly: "We live next to petrolheads, drives us nuts - but we never complain because we don't want to become their enemies," one said.

Watch the full video above - there are some great responses! 

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