Mel reveals her awkward naked office encounter

Publish Date
Thursday, 24 January 2019, 10:04AM

Getting surprised by nakedness in a place where you wouldn't expect it is a frightening experience for anyone, especially when it's outside your own home.

That's what residents of Takapuna that live around a new nine-story apartment block are dealing with, and they aren't happy about it

When discussing the topic of nakedness in unexpected places, Mel spoke of the time that she worked in an office that was right beside a hotel.

"When people go and stay at hotels, it's like they forget where they are," Mel said.

"It's like rules go out the window," JT added.

"We'd have these people opening up the curtains, embracing the daylight, fully naked, so when this happened we'd be like 'GUYS THERE'S A NAKED MAN AROUND THE CORNER," Mel said.


Mel went on to say how the whole floor would come around the corner and stare at the naked man for a few minutes before returning to their desks.

After Mel finished telling her story, JT revealed the time that he participated in a crude streaking at a 21st.

Have you ever had a similar experience? 

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