New 'Lord Of the Rings' Rubber Ducks will make every Bath Time an Adventure

Publish Date
Friday, 22 May 2020, 4:05PM
TUBBZ/Numskull Designs

TUBBZ/Numskull Designs

Yes, that is correct, there are now official Lord Of the Rings Rubber ducks, because, why not? These four officially licensed Lord of the Rings rubber duckies, feature some of the trilogy’s most iconic characters. We have Gandalf the Grey, Legolas the elf, the Dark Lord Sauron, and of course the ring-bearer himself, Frodo Baggins. These duckies are from TUBBZ, who also have ducks based on other famous pop culture characters like Batman, the Ghostbusters, and more.

The Ducks come in a special display case, but we all know they won't stay in it for long! These ducks belong in the bath! Hopefully these sell well enough that we get more characters. I mean who wouldn’t want a bathtub full of the entire Fellowship? I mean, these are trying times. We all deserve a little escapism in the comfort of our own bathtubs!