Robbie Williams makes a young woman's dream come true with an emotional performance

Publish Date
Thursday, 15 February 2018, 3:59PM

His performance last night at the Spark Arena wasn't the first time that Rebeka Rose had seen Robbie Williams perform.

They go back further than that.

The first time she saw the pop superstar was when Rebeka was just four years old, and she attended the concert with her mother.

They were both massive fans of Robbie a long time before this concert, Rebeka explained; "Since before I could walk or even talk I was listening to Robbie. My Mum Tiffany was such a huge fan of him too she was the reason I fell in love with his music."

At just 37 Rebeka's mother passed away, and every single day since she has been listening to Robbie to remind her of their precious times together.

But last night, Rebeka got to meet Robbie for the second time, and this time he wasn't made out of wax.

He invited her onstage to accompany him in performing 'Something Stupid, which was a dream come true for Rebeka.

In the video you can see Rebeka clutching and kissing her prized necklace.

She recorded the close-up experience with the star:

What an amazing and touching experience!




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