Take the test- How is your lifestyle affecting the planet?

Publish Date
Thursday, 30 January 2020, 11:53AM

You can now calculate your ‘Ecological Footprint’ to see how much your individual lifestyle is affecting the environment! By definition, an ecological footprint is: “the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.” Put simply, it’s a look into how many earths would be required if everyone on the planet lived like you.

With the earth’s population growing exponentially and human's individual ecological footprints growing at a similar rate, scientists have found that we need about 1.75 earths to support all of us at our current consumption rates. AKA we’re edging closer and closer to a global lifestyle that’s unsustainable for life. If everyone in the world continues to live the way they please, there will eventually come a day when we simply run out of recourses.

To say it bluntly: we are consuming so much that within the next decades will not be able to access to basic necessities like water or land to grow food.

Knowing how we over-consume and the problems that arise with that over-consumption is the first step in making better choices that lead to a more sustainable future. We can’t set effective goals without knowing where we’re starting.

Here are two simple tips to get you on your eco-friendly journey!

  1. Calculate your ecological footprint using the online footprint calculator.
  2. Take a look at your results and acknowledge how many planets your lifestyle is using if everyone did the same.
  3. Choose 2-3 actionable steps to make a change. Here’s a list of 33 easy ways to start living zero waste as well as the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprints as individuals.