WATCH: Crane Operator Ruins Strangers Sun Bathing Attempt in a Hilarious Video!

Publish Date
Monday, 25 May 2020, 2:23PM

A video of an amused crane driver taunting a Londoner attempting to sunbathe has become an online hit.

As temperatures in the UK soared this week, people across the country flocked to beaches and parks to soak up the sun. But one Londoner, who had found an empty patch of grass on which to relax, saw his attempt to catch some rays foiled.

A crane operator posted a video to social media showing himself using the front of his machine to repeatedly move its shadow over the confused sunbather. The crane moves slowly towards the area where the sunbather is lying, while the operator says: "Look, look! I'm putting shade on this geezer."

Laughing, he adds: "I'm gonna move my block back as soon as he lays down."

The video ends with the joker quipping: "I'm going to get him to move again."

Social media users were thrilled by the video, with one commenting: "That stopped way too soon. Could have watched that all day."

Another added: "I'm laughing way more than I should at this. But, when you're that high up all on your own, then what a better way to while away the hours?!"