WATCH: Jeff Goldblum reads 'Horton Hears a who' and it is adorable!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 2:01PM

Forget movies, Jeff Goldblum has thrown Hollywood to the side to pursue his latest calling, kids stories. With isolation taking its toll on a lot of people, parents are longing for new and exciting things to keep their kids occupied in this incredibly trying time. 

Some celebrities have used their status' in incredibly unproductive ways such as singing 'Imagine' by John Lennon. But others have taken to the internet to give parents a little break by reading popular kids stories. 

The official Dr. Seuss Facebook page has shared the video of Goldblum reading the popular story, 'Horton Hears a Who'. The video has been met with an incredible amount of praise with people commenting "Thank you so much. Lily-May (8) and I watched it together and loved it. She also loves that you love us all.