WATCH: Woman left baffled after a fish bizarrely falls from sky and smashes into her car

Publish Date
Tuesday, 8 October 2019, 6:28PM

People from China’s southwestern municipality of Chongqing have been left scratching their heads after a "flying fish" smashed into the windscreen of a car.

The car's owner, Ms Wang, reported the incident to the police after finding a large dent and cracks in her windscreen.

A dead fish measuring over 15 inches in length and weighing 4.4 pounds was found on the pavement next to her vehicle.

As police started investigating the mysterious case, they discovered CCTV camera footage which captured the bizarre moment. 

The video – which has since gone viral after being watched more than 1million times in less than 24 hours – shows the fish bouncing off a yellow car's windscreen and bonnet, instantly smashing it.

While social media users are guessing the fish likely sprung from a kitchen window while being gutted, police said an inspection of the neighbouring area – including the high-rise tower block next to Ms Wang’s parked car – turned up no suspects.

It is unclear whether Ms Wang's car insurance will be willing to pay out given the murky circumstances behind the incident.

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