A contestant on The Chase "completely redeemed himself".

Publish Date
Friday, 23 February 2024, 12:08PM

A new contestant on The Chase, Tim, had his turn versing The Chaser Shaun Wallace on a recent episode. Tim didn’t get a single answer correct during the cash builder after nerves got the better of him. Shaun Wallace, also known as The Barrister, offered Tim £10,000 to take a step closer to The Chaser and based off of Tim’s first go at the cash builder, his teammates suggested he take the £0 offer. Despite discouragement from his team, Tim went for the £10,000 offer. Bradley agreed with Tim's team and stepped in saying “bodies in the box” are more important than taking this risk to add more cash to the pot. To his teams and Bradley's surprise, Tim ignored the advice, trusted his gut and went for the higher offer.  

Tim shocked the whole studio when he managed to beat The Chaser and take himself and the money back to the team. Bradley was impressed, saying "I've been doing this show [since 2009] and that's the first time that's happened. Completely redeemed yourself."  

Another contestant Dale added £1,000 to the cash prize, but after being delt some tough questions the two only managed to build up to seven for the final round. 

Unfortunately, Tim and Dale were unsuccessful, being beaten with a minute and 8 seconds remaining.  

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