A new study claims farting in front of your partner could actually be good for your relationship

Publish Date
Saturday, 7 March 2020, 9:26AM

We can all agree that there are some things that just shouldn't happen in a relationship. 

For example, many couples agree that seeing each other use the bathroom has spelt the end of their romance.

But now research has found that there might actually be benefits of letting yourself pass wind in front of your loved ones, including a stronger and healthier relationship!

The survey found that most people wait a good two to six months before they fart in front of their loved one.

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A little over a fifth of the people had done the deed after a couple of weeks.

Relationship guru Cynthia Powell claims that couples who "get over" the initial embarrassment of breaking wind in front of each other early in a relationship are more likely to stay together and live healthier lives.

She said: "Once couples get over the initial embarrassment of farting in front of a new partner, it seems to open up a whole new period of openness, honesty and trust."


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