Australian woman gives birth to "sumo" baby daughter weighing nearly 6kg!

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Friday, 18 October 2019, 3:05PM

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Remi's father, Daniel Millar, said everyone that has seen his baby girl out and about has been fascinated by her size and they can't help but ask questions.

"When I've walked around with her there's always a crowd of people - midwives, other new parents and visitors - around her, asking about her size because she's so much bigger than all the other newborns," Daniel Millar said.

The Sydney couple revealed that their two other children were also born above the average weight in Australia of 3.3kg, with their other daughter weighing at 5.5kg and their son born at 3.8kg.

Emma Millar told the Illawarra Mercury that her other children adore their new addition to the family and Remi is "really healthy and content and just thriving".


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