Bradley Walsh hilariously pulls The Chase contestant off-stage after she "made a fool" out of him

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Sunday, 24 October 2021, 2:38PM

It was an eventful and hilariously dramatic edition of The Chase this week when Bradley Walsh pulled a contestant off stage to give her a warning.

After racking up £3,000 in her cash builder round, Christine was taken to the table to meet chaser Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis.

Which is when things heated up ...

Both Christine and The Menace answered an unusual question correctly, leading Ennis to say: "Turns out there's two things that spew out random things on this show.

"The computer that does the questions..."

Siding with the Chaser, Christine finished his sentence by adding: "And Bradley."

Seeing the much-loved host's stunned reaction she quickly added: "Sorry."

At which point Walsh grabbed Christine by the arm and marched her to the side of the studio away from the main playing area for a hilarious warning.

Giggling away at the presenter's theatrics, Christine asked him: "Are we going to have words?"

He said: "You better watch it Christine. Coming here, making a fool of me, love. I don't need anybody's help."

Christine did manage to make it through to the final chase with teammates Sarah and Waseem.

But they sadly walked away empty-handed as they were caught by Darragh.

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