Cadbury and Nestle have just released new chocolate bar inspired ice-creams!

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 September 2019, 11:50AM

Following on from the announcement Dairy Milk Pineapple Lump chocolate blocks are being released, we have more exciting news for chocolate lovers!

Now, Kit Kat, Picnic, and Crunchie ice creams are about to hit our shelves ...

Taking to social media, a Pak 'n Save Facebook page shared an image of the three brand new Cadbury and Nestle creations.

The KitKat frozen treat is said to be a creamy wafer-flavoured centre, enrobed in a chocolate coating with crushed wafer pieces in the coating.

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While Cadbury is rolling out a the Crunchie Bar; Crunchie flavour ice cream with Crunchie pieces covered in Cadbury milk chocolate, and the Picnic Stick; caramel flavour ice cream with caramel ripples, peanut and wafer pieces coated in Cadbury milk chocolate.

Apparently these aren't exactly new, with commenters stating that these oldie but goodies were around a few years ago.

The frozen choccie treats come in packs of four.

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