Cheap Kmart non-stick fry pan becomes an internet success

Publish Date
Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 1:12PM

Three Kmart non-stick fry pans being sold from between $15 and $22 in New Zealand have gathered a cult-like following in Australia, with people spreading the word online about how good they are.

While the "best" non-stick pans on the market can retail for hundreds of dollars, Kmart is giving popular brands a run for their money!

The aluminium four-layer non-stick fry pan comes in three different sizes and has been dubbed the "kitchen buy of 2019".

The pans cost $15 for 24 centimetres, $17 for 28 centimetres or $22 for 32 centimetres.

"This works better than my $200 Scanpan," one mum wrote on Facebook.

Another said: "Best frying pan I've ever bought, and I have spent $$$$$ on 'brand' frying pans. Love mine."

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Many more mums took to the social media website to share similar experiences, rating the cheap fry pan higher than they would rate a Jamie Oliver Tefal one.

The item is so popular, it has actually started selling out in some Kmart stores across Australia.