Eye-opening map shows just how big New Zealand is compared to Europe

Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 August 2019, 2:09PM

While we're often thought of as a small country, it turns out we're actually not as little as we think!

Thanks to our former Prime Minister, Helen Clark, an image of a map of New Zealand juxtaposed on a map of Western Europe is going viral showcasing Aotearoa's true size.

Taking to Twitter to share the image, which was originally shared by the New Zealand Embassy in Ireland, Clark wrote: "New Zealand sometimes is thought of as a small country, so it's interesting to see juxtaposed on a map of Europe."

"This shows its length from the north of the North Island to Stewart Is comparable to the distance from north of Copenhagen to southern France and maybe a bit below!"

According to the CIA's World Factbook, New Zealand covers an area of 268,838 square kilometres, slightly more area than the UK which has an area of 243,600sq km.

After sharing the picture, numerous users took to the comment section to share their own superimposed maps comparing New Zealand to other countries, such as Japan and Australia.

Is anyone else's mind blown?!

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