Forget cheese boards! French fry platters are the latest trend ...

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Saturday, 15 May 2021, 10:12AM
Photo /Instagram The Delicious Life

Photo /Instagram The Delicious Life

Move over cheese and crackers – there’s a new type of charcuterie in town!

The new trend gives the classic platter a modern makeover using one of the world’s most delicious foods … fries!

All kinds of fries in fact! That’s the beauty of the French fry board, you get to graze on all kinds of hot chips, from kumara to beer-battered, to waffle, to wedges, and everything in between.

Pair the platter with a mix of your favourite dipping sauces and you and your friends and family are in for a real treat!

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Sarah Gim, the blogger behind The Delicious Life is credited for coming up with the fry board concept and her Instagram snaps of some of her creations are nothing short of stunning.

"Things have gone way beyond just cheese and charcuterie," Gim told Insider. "You can really put anything on your board that's inspiring at the time."

"I have noticed some restaurants picking up on the trend," she said. "I love seeing people add their own twist to it."

We can't wait to try this out for ourselves!

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